Centre of excellence

My brother has recently started blogging about social evils and we as a society are delineating into a terrain that is degenerative and destructive. Give him a read, folks!

(The amazing illustrations are his too.)

Bakhti's Asylum

The air near this building was surprisingly heavy in this city. Every second of exposure grew on you in a way that you started forgetting your self identity, and your roots started becoming hazy to you. It was so poisonous that Bakhti had to wear his CBRN Gas Mask just to get close.
He was puzzled. Everyone called this a place of promise; a haven for enlightenment. But he saw nothing but a shabby battered old building with its pillars broken down and its bricks giving way. This was a place where the great people of this city paid large amounts of money to get their cultural values and heritage wiped out from the minds of their progeny.

This was one of the modern private schools, where local culture went to die, where a sick capitalist ideology was injected inside the cerebellums of innocent young boys and girls. An ideology…

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