Impulse Buy: Hand Creams, Anyone?

I am a lazy ass and look like a hobo most days because I simply can’t be bothered to put some effort. I don’t own a collection of lotions, potions and creams, only the most basic stuff. 

The only thing I am a teeny bit concious about is my lipstick shade. I absolutely love all kinds of lipsticks but the darker the better.

I’m deviating from the point though. Okay so even though I have no particular interest in beauty products in general, I bought a trio of handcreams.

Wait what?

What did I buy: Hand Creams

How many: A trio. Three.

WHY: Umm…

In my defence, I have always had a weakness for pretty packaging and these creams are the cutest! Tiny tubes in such lovely shades with polka dots and florals..

Also because I had tried a Cath Kidston foot cream once and it was so so good.
I have only broken the seal of one for now, the blue one. I have no idea what bluebell smells like so can’t comment on how close it is to  the real thing but it is pretty nice.

The cream has a pale blue tinge to it and it absorbs really well. I have got nice smelling, non sticky hands after putting it on which is a win-win.

I don’t know if I’ll be using the other two or giving them to friends. But oh well, impulse buys make me happy so it’s fine either way!

With all the pampering and toiling my hands do all day, they do deserve a little love.

Which hand cream do you swear by?


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