The Lazy Girl’s Basic Skin Care Routine

I am awfuly lazy. This has not come about becauseI am a mom to two under two. I have always been lazy. I have never been really beauty inclined either. My daily routine included nothing except for a face wash in the morning and repeating after school. No make up, no bb cc dd creams, no moisturizing. Now that I’m a mom I sometimes forget the face wash too, a splash of cold water is all my toddler will allow me.

So because I have never had an extensive routine, I have never bought many products either. Occasional splurges aside, I seldom buy expensive face care potions and lotions. But now I feel I need to change myself a bit.

Because days when I put on red lipcolor are way better than days when I don’t, I finally agree with the look good, feel good adage. 

I’ll start simple, with a very basic routine:

This Clean and Clear daily scrub is an old favorite. I have been using it since my teenage years and it makes me feel so fresh. But I won’t be buying it again because I saw a video about the hazards that these micro-beads pose to the environment.

The Comvita cleanser is honey based and oh so mild and gentle. It is great at removing makeup too. 

My post shower routine is spritz, comb and moisturize.
I absolutely adore this body mist from The Body Shop. The Japanese Cherry Blossom scent is so delicate and refreshing and has really calming undertones. I got it as part of a set (mist, lotion, shower gel) from Lush Beauty Shop at a great price and will definitely be buying the mist again when I’m through with this bottle.

Another The Body Shop product (bought from Lush too) is the Brazil Nut Define and No Frizz Hair Cream. I have hair that has a mind of its own and misbehaves most of the time. This cream tames it to quite an extent.

For post shower moisturization, my current favorite is Mango and Papaya from I love… The scent is heavily and the lotion doesn’t leave any oily residue on my skin.

Here’s hoping I can follow this routine everyday this summer. 

(P.s. Lush Beauty Shop has a lot of TBS products instock and all at such unbelievable prices. Be sure to check them out.)

(P.s.s This post is NOT sponsored by Lush lol.)


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