Fiction, Him and I

Tango (Him and I #9)

“It takes two to tango.”

“Yes, but not a pair and a half of left feet.”

So we went through the motions with the lady leading, the gentleman stumbling. ‘La Cumparsita’ flowed from the speakers for the umpteenth time.

There is stepping on toes, collision of knees, stiffening spines and angry sighs. We have a no shoes policy during practice; broken toes are not fun to walk around with.

This happens every Saturday. It’s my life’s mission now, to teach him how to tango. But for someone who has all the poise when doing all that routine work during the day, he is incredibly bad at remembering how to stand with shoulders back. I refuse to be deterred, Tango is what we’ll do on our 25th Anniversary party.

And even with all the gruelling footwork to learn, he smiles when we’re done. Every time.

“I’ll learn. Someday. Soon. Coffee?”


5 thoughts on “Tango (Him and I #9)”

  1. Ugh, I’m jealous. And I feel like you’re going to use these characters to break our hearts, Also, this is a wild idea, but you should totally compile these short chapters into a One-Day-esque type of book. It would be like no other and I would totally buy it. I mean if Lang Leav can do it, you could too!

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