Monsters In Her Eyes

Hello. I made this. Bye.


Because there was a sinister truth in her eyes,

Hidden behind monsters, her daughter drew,

in vivid colors, reds and blues.

Yellows, greens, purple smiles, toothy byes.

It’s a mask, dear girl,

your cartoons lie,

your childhood’s been corrupted so.

Draw not your evil smiley friends,

they are being used to hide her many crimes.



7 Replies to “Monsters In Her Eyes”

  1. Totally loved the ending especially. You’ve got an unreliable rhythm in your words, which keeps the reader moving along the flow.
    Woman, the picture is amazing!

  2. So true for every human ! Everyone hides the evil inside him/her….. Though not with that much colors and not that perfectly you pictured…. AMAZING. Hi This picture is beautiful bye.

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