Uniform (Him and I #3)

The very reason I didn’t marry a uniformed man of the forces was because I hate the idea of being alone. What is the point of getting married if you’re going to be in different cities, just because the country needs him. Call me selfish, but I’m not one who can share her husband with the country.

There’s something about a uniform that is terribly enticing. The starched white of Navy. The imposing khaki of the Army. There is discipline. There is strength. There is power. There is the promise of parting.

Engineers pose no such threat. Or intrigue. There’s no mystery in a button-down shirt and tie. They can be in jeans and tees and not feel the need to stand up straight and stiff. They can slouch in front of the TV and forget about their jobs between 5 PM to 8 AM. They can be at home when there are leaky taps that need to be fixed.

Update: I’m now on tumblr! http://mrymbm.tumblr.com/


5 Replies to “Uniform (Him and I #3)”

  1. You differ with me here in this fantasy 😉 You know I always Loved the uniform men….I never wanted to stay at one place for all my life…I felt moving from city to city charming ! I had a wish of marrying a uniform man since I first started wishing about my life lol Nicely written !

  2. I completely agree with the raconteur!While a man in uniform is very attractive, feels very romantic too but there is a certain lack of comfort and security.
    I would beg to differ on the third paragraph, there can be an air of mystery around a man who wears button-downs and ties(and no I’m NOT talking about Mr.Grey) too.The man is the mystery, I’ve met many a man(engineer and otherwise) who are enigmatic enough and so many workaholics who work almost 12-16 hrs a day!
    Btw, good job on the third episode of Him & I! 🙂

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