The Novel Writing Experience. Part 5.

It is Day I’ve-lost-track-completely and I’m terribly behind on my word-count. Blame that on HBO and the hundred different books that have suddenly started looking way too interesting. I just haven’t been writing. Period.

Oh, it’s Day 20 by the way and my current tally is at 14k words.

Last night, I had a really weird dream. It had something to do with my WIP, so I’ll share bits of it here.

As some of you might already know that one of my characters is Saad. He is my protag’s best-friend-love-interest-partner-in-uncovering-evil-plans. Now, Saad is actually based on a real guy whom I don’t really know. I mean, I’ve met him twice. Talked to him once. No, twice. Seen his pictures and videos COUNTLESS times (he’s somewhat of a celebrity). And now I’ve gone and based my main guy on him. Because omg hdgbfljshfsdjk. Yeah, that good looking. (to me at least.)

So in my dream today, I told the guy I’ve modeled Saad over that he’s the inspiration behind my character. And instead of gracing me with that blinding-white-perfect-teeth smile. HE GOT SO ANGRY. I mean, he shouted at me! Why would he do that? He should have been flattered!!!

Not only is Saad totally swoon-worthy, he’s got oodles of attitude and also has a well-paying job. And Hareem is head over heels in love with him.

What guy in his right mind would have a problem with being the inspiration behind such a character?

And now I’m scared to think what will happen if he finds out in real life. Lol he doesn’t even know me. And here I am trying to immortalize him by modeling my character after him. That is like stalker level crazy.

I’d better go help my mom with Iftari or she’s going to be even angrier than the guy in my dream.

Send me bucket-loads of inspiration. I really need it.

12 Replies to “The Novel Writing Experience. Part 5.”

  1. OMG….god bless your stalker level craze after this guy!Lol. He’d be crazy not to be flattered.Don’t worry.Go back to sleep after iftari you’ll dream a better one this time. 🙂

  2. LOL – at least you’re eating, sleeping your characters and book! We’re all behind on the word count, I think and here I am messing about on my WordPress Reader …

  3. 14k in 20 days is still a 600 words-per-day average, which is perfectly respectable if you ask me. It’s a whole six hundred words more than most people will reach (on fiction-writing, at any rate.

    I’ve never dreamed about my stories, myself. I’d honestly love to dream about actually being in one of them, to be honest.

    1. I saw your blog-post about your post being automatically considered spam, checked my spam folder and this comment was hiding there, poor thing.

      I initially started with a 1000 word average, and then laziness got the best of me. I’m hoping to push it up a bit, since we still have a week to go.

      1. Thank you very much for spotting that; it’s all very annoying, I must say. I’m hoping Akismet will fix it soon.

        I started with the same average in mind, but it began to slip in a big way after the first fortnight. At this point I’m more-or-less resigned to not hitting my original target, but at least I’ll still have gotten a good amount of writing done by the end of the month.

        Best of luck over the rest of the month!

  4. Oh, C’mon. Now that you’ve started off with this guy-over-whom-you’ve-idolized-Saad, it is better to fill him up with a little more evil and immorality 😉 😀 Trust me, this is the same reason he haunted your dream! 😀

      1. Khair hai, chalta hai. Just make him evil, more evil -Burayi ki limits cross kr lo :3 😀
        P.S. I love hate-storys. 😀

      2. Aww Really? O.o
        I was believing him real evil abi tak 😛
        Does he need sympathy? 😛

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