I Have Found My Calling

I have found my calling

It is the reading of tea leaves,

palm leaves, sick leaves that you write

with healthy mind and healthy hand

with your corruption suit on.

It sits comfortably on your shoulders,

fits you well but you fidget nonetheless

Your conscience with its hands on its cage

shakes it, and so you shake

but momentarily.


I have found my calling

and it saves me from being de-tracked

so that when I wake up

at 3 A.M. and stand under the shower

My mind is empty and I read

what the water writes on the wall

The contact of my skin with the drops

lets out steam,

clouds of poetry,

that I read and relay

because that is my calling.


My calling is different

from your calling and your calling

because on days when you scribble,

I soar.

It is different because you, with your calling

spill words on pages with deliberate thought

while mine are accidents

that could have been blood on the road

in a parallel world.


My calling is different

because it takes my life and puts

it in a showcase with a million other mannequins

wearing frilly tutus and frothy gowns.

It makes mundane fanciful.


My calling is just like

your corruption suit.

It cages my conscience

and teaches me how to lie.

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