Don’t Kill My Dreams

Remember when you told me this life of mine

this existence

was nothing but a tiny thread nestled

somewhere between the fabric of life?

That it was insignificant, what I did and what I aspired to do.

“Change is easier said than brought”, you said

And I, with shoulders slumped and muscles loose,

I believed myself to be

a mote of dust

drifting randomly around the cloth covered furniture in a locked up room.

You convinced me that my words

had no power, no strength to support the stumbling

of those who read them and tried to discern meaning.

And I, with limp fingers, let my pen drop and allowed those reams of paper in my hand

to fly to their death and rest as ash in my fireplace.


Remember when you robbed a girl of her passion?


You were wrong.

Because I might be

a meaningless thread, but I am the one that is keeping

the fabric from unraveling.

Insignificant is just a word you tote to hide those sticky creatures

you let loose to prey on young dreams.

Because my words may be flecks of sand, but the castle they build

is the hiding place of a million other dreamers.



13 Replies to “Don’t Kill My Dreams”

    Love it!

    Last stanza. OMG ! i don’t even have words to describe how powerful and beautiful all those lines are in it.

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