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Reflections Of A Wandering Mind by Meghan Robbins



I don’t like giving negative reviews. It pains me to write bad things about a book that the author has most probably worked so hard over and nurtured it to publications. But sometimes there’s no choice but to say that you just didn’t like it. I usually try to put myself in the authors writing shoes before I pen down my verdict. I try to write criticism in the most softest way, because if someone spoke harshly about my writings, I would probably not take it well.

*sigh* Here goes.

I requested this book through Netgalley because the genres listed under the title were Teen and YA and Poetry, both of which I really love. And because the blurb said:

“As a young adult growing up in a quickly changing world, this is a book about self discovery through the outlet of poetry. Everyone has doubts, fears, and realizations on life while trying to find themselves. Friendships gained or lost, ideals molded by society, and a journey from young adult to twenty-something. This is a recount of that journey from the highs to lows along with the massive gray area in-between.”

I expected heartfelt poems with interesting analogies and metaphors. I expected coming-of-age stories written in beautiful verses.

I guess that was all too much to ask.

This book wasn’t really poetry. It was more like a journal that was chopped up into uneven lines, giving it a visual semblance of poetry.

Most of the poems seemed as though they were written by a fairly young person, say 12 or 13. And maybe they were, maybe the author was that young when she wrote them.

Long review short, none of the poems spoke to me. Period.

I think I’ll go and read some of the blogs I follow to re-instate my faith in young writers.

Author: Maryam

I write letters to Sylvia Plath. And yes, I'm perfectly normal.

3 thoughts on “Reflections Of A Wandering Mind by Meghan Robbins

  1. Yeah, I don’t like to give bad reviews either because I now that to write a book is hard as hell… But as long as is constructive criticism is ok.

  2. Ouch!
    Sorry could not resist doing that. Really though, bad reviews are okay if you point where it so.Constructive criticism is ok in my book.Though even if you tell me ‘You suck!’ I’d ask you to point out where I messed it up. And so if I review a book or you ask for reccomendation you will probably get a short list of pros & cons.But then that is why one asks for a review,isn’t it?
    I saw that you did the same.Thanks. :-)

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