Punch-drunk on Plath. All Over Again.

I occasionally berated my go-to book-store for not stocking Sylvia Plath books. My usual comment would be,

“Readings can have Sylvia Day but not Sylvia Plath.” 

(shows that I am a bit of a book snob). Maybe the people at Readings heard me, because during my bi-weekly online book browsing, I came upon an entire list of Plath books on their website.

Imagine my extreme joy at having found this jack-pot. I set about making plans in my mind on how to convince Mama to let me get two of those books (since I already own the others.)

The thing is, I seldom buy brand new books. They are too expensive and I’m usually broke. And since I read too much, I’d rather buy ten books for Rs. 1000 than just one.  But if that book is by Sylvia Plath, I’m ready to spend even more than Rs. 1000.

All the other Plath books I have were ordered from Kitabain.com and were so easy on the pocket. I got Letters Home, Collected Poems, The Bell Jar, and Ted Hughes’ Birthday Letters (because it is about Plath).


But I couldn’t find her Unabridged Journals anywhere or her collection of short stories titled ‘Johnny Panic and The Bible of Dreams.’

Yesterday, the search came to an end. And so did my already non-existent funds.

I received my order from Readings around an hour back! So excited to add these two beauties to my Plath collection!



13 Replies to “Punch-drunk on Plath. All Over Again.”

  1. Okay. I wrote a pretty long comment from my phone yesterday. And it didn’t show up. Not so cool. 😦
    I have a long list of Patterson that I brought, that I didn’t even touch. And now I think I should throw those in hell and bring Plath.

  2. My greatest Plath find is a children’s book called ‘The It-Doesn’t-Matter Suit’ – it’s really great kids’ writing and shows a different side to Plath. My daughter loves it, but it’s a bit long for bedtime reading!

      1. That looks amazing – I’ll be searching for a copy. The illustrations are such fun and the same applies to the one I mentioned. BTW – love that website and added to my ‘Favs’. I just read a beautiful letter from John Steinbeck to his son on the subject of falling in love – ‘Nothing good gets away …’ Thank you, Maryam.

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