The Novel Writing Experience. Part 5.

I didn’t write a single word today. Instead, I spent time trying to come up with a proper outline for my novel, because pantsing doesn’t help all the time and I was reaching far too many dead ends.

So an online search made me stumble over Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, which is a really cute outline of how thrillers and other types of fictional works are actually structured.

So I made my own and am going to be filling it with details soon enough.

Here’s a sneaky-peaky (my hand-writing is terrible, I know):


15 Replies to “The Novel Writing Experience. Part 5.”

  1. The heroes journey is a great place to start. At uni, they focus on using that as a springboard for all kinds of writing … Mind maps can also help, I find twisting fairy tales also help me to get the imagination kicking in to gear πŸ˜€

      1. they can alter your mind but only you know your heart, it’s why people are always fed money news daily, kills so much good intention, cause when it’s about money, it’s me time

  2. I found you through The Great Noveling Adventure and I’m loving your blog! I totally agree that pantsing doesn’t always help. I thought I was a pure pantser until I got about a third of the way through my novel and realized I needed to start doing some serious organization. My outline turned out to be my saving grace.

    1. Thank you so much, Alyssa! I love what you guys are doing over at The Great Noveling Adventure!

      I’ve been outlining rigorously since the past couple of days and I’ve found great new ideas for developing my story-line. It sure does help.

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