The Search For The Elusive Perfect Cheesecake

Disclaimer: No cheesecakes were harmed in the process of writing this blogpost. No responsibility is taken of those harmed before.

“You eat so much cheese, but you don’t get fat. That is so unfair.”

This is something I get quite a lot. I am a cheese fanatic, be it cream, cheddar, mozzarella, blue, parmesan, ricotta  or any of the other 900+ varieties. (Not saying I’ve had all of them, but I’m game if you want to put them in front of me.)

Omelette du fromage is my ultimate breakfast  choice. I don’t have burgers without cheese (Give me Hardees’ Mushroom and Swiss anytime) and pizza? Make it extra cheesy please. To be honest, I don’t even eat pizza the traditional way anymore. What I like more is a pizza pie, stuffed with… you guessed it… cheese.

But there is one thing that I adore above all other. Cheesecake.

Oh my God, the divine goodness of it, the slight lemon punch of an honest to goodness fresh original cheesecake is enough to make my day. My mom swears I get all starry eyed when I put a cake laden fork into my mouth. It is so damn good.

And that is where the problem lies. You don’t get good cheesecakes everywhere.

The first cheesecake that I ever had was at Nando’s. I was young, my taste-buds weren’t as tuned to good flavors as they are now but that first time was like having been kicked in the gut. It was love at first taste. And that is one affair that hasn’t died.

From then on started my systematic search for mind-numbingly good cheesecakes. Next on the list was Pizza Hut. Bad idea. It was absolutely terrible but I was not deterred. Then my father found this tiny bakery in Zamzama named “Desserts”.

An ode should be written for that bakery. That place became our go to place for cheesecakes. And then we moved to Lahore and the quest had be started all over again.

Here’s a funny story. The dessert menu at weddings is normally restricted to kheer, kulfi, halwa, trifle or normal cakes (at least the weddings I have been to.) I had the chance of going to a wedding where they had cheesecake. Imagine my extreme joy at seeing a girl delicately cutting into her piece and putting it into her mouth in slow-mo. I was riveted. The beauty, oh the beauty.

I rushed to where the desserts were being served and saw that glorious creamily yellow cake. By the time I got close enough to smell it, there was only one piece left. I picked it up and placed it on my plate, and then turned to return to my table.

What happened next still puts a sour taste in my mouth. As I turned to return, a fork snaked its way in front of me, stabbed my piece of cheesecake firmly and transported it to an aunty’s plate. And then the plate and the aunty disappeared along with my coveted piece!


Anyways, that was that I was deprived of the one thing that I constantly crave.

The search for the perfect cheesecake in Lahore still goes on. Maybe FoodPanda can help me?


13 thoughts on “The Search For The Elusive Perfect Cheesecake”

  1. This just confirms that the way to a girl’s heart is also food.(Mainly cheese). After books,a serenade,original love poems and being a good human being of course(not in any particular order) & good grammar. 😉
    Maryam we may have been soulmates in other lives.

  2. I didn’t know you were now based in lahore hence a half lahori heheh welcome welcome. Seems like you are a cheese lover to the core. Great to see such passion for it I hope the soul mate sees it too hahaha

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