The Novel Writing Experience. Part 3.

Shame be upon me for having written only 7500 words in 5 days.

It’s like I’m stuck in a rut. I start a chapter, then scrap it. Start another, then leave it halfway and start outlining one more. Almost like I get bored after writing a paragraph or two.

And I’m falling in love with my characters. So much that I don’t want them to be hurt, which duh, they will have to if I want a decent story. I’m specially worried about Saad, he’s so wounded and so damn good-looking, it just isn’t fair to him.

Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. That’s what I keep telling myself.

Break down and cry,

that’s all you can do

while your house of card

tumbles because you

breathed too hard

then sneezed. 

Ram your finger

into your own chest

for ruining what you loved

as you drove your car

over the puppy you nursed

to health.

Lie to yourself,

say it was on purpose

when actually

everything you did

was loose control,

loose sight.

17 Replies to “The Novel Writing Experience. Part 3.”

      1. Well, I’m not actually taking part in Camp NanoWrimo, but I’m hoping to average 1k a day over the next few months. I guess that makes my target 31k 🙂

  1. I’m having a field trip with my characters too. The bubbly idiot wants to be complicated and sarcastic. The naive girl wants to be bossy and half-mean. The non-conversational dude wants to be even LESS conversational and speak in single words. Gee. And yet I love these freaks.

    7500 is still doing better than me, haha! Lucky I only set 1000 a day for Camp and am still comfortably cruising along. Slow progress is better than no progress 🙂 Keep it up!

    1. I love it when characters have a mind of their own. Saves me the trouble of having to carve their way, but sometimes they tend to stray and that is so frustrating!

      1000 a day is a good target. I try to do as much too. =)

  2. Hahhaha…it’s fine. You do need to kill sometimes, kill for greater good, sacrifice one’s life for an even bigger virtue…
    You’ll get it done, Inshallah. And I’ll always pray.

  3. 7,500 is nothing to be ashamed about – okay, I know you had your tongue in your cheek. The point about this has got to be, plough on regardless. All your plot, character, language, flaws can be sorted out when you edit AFTER the month of July – keep at it, don’t cut, just move it around, LOL. Anyway, why am I giving you advice? You’ve done it before and this is my first time (current count 5,135 I think). Like cramming for exams, I’m confident I can up the average when I need to. I’m loving it BTW – thanks for introducing me to the camp – I have my own tent with all the mod cons! 🙂

    1. Oh but it is my first time too! Camp is a lot of fun but I’m literally pulling my hair right now. All I can write is random paragraphs that fit nowhere. Yet.

      But we can do it! Power to us!

      1. OMG – I didn’t realise! So, let me change my advice. Slow down. If 20k is your target, 20 k is your target. Plan 3 chapters at a time – put 3 scenes in each chapter – make sure they flow into each other and if not, signal a change of place/time/location at the beginning – that’s actually how mine is panning out. So, I’ve started – Prologue (thought I don’t use the word) The Hague 2012, Chpts. 1&2, London 2011, Chapter 3, Bosnia 1992. Now the order of these may change, but at least by labelling the chpts this way, I can keep a track of things (I hope!). BTW, 1,000 words per scene is a good rule of thumb – so, a scene a day and in 20 days … Enjoy! PS. I am not a mathematician and am the kind of writer who sits down and just gets on with composing/writing with no written plan in front of me. When I wrote my first novel, someone this tripartite chapter business just seemed to happen of its own accord. IMO, creativity is king and trumps planning every time.

      2. Did you ever watch ‘Father Ted’ or is that before your time? Generally everything went wrong, every episode, but Ted always looked on the bright side and would say to his sidekick Duncan, ‘Well, that went rather well!’ That’s the attitude, I guess … Anyway, I should be writing!

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