The Families – An Excerpt

Like I said in the previous post, I’m stuck in a rut. So I asked someone to give me a series of words and I’d use them to construct a paragraph that will go into my novel. Here’s what I came up with:

(The words were trick, flick, click; suggested by Khadeeja)

History plays tricks on you, it gives you a road map to follow, another to avoid, but forgets to tells you which leads where. It likes coming back when you least expect it to, enjoys haunting you. History is the woman who has had her days but still hasn’t lost the habit of courting unsuspecting men. She flicks her hair and laughs when they fall for her once more and make the same mistake they did when she was last with them. She smiles when some repeatedly take the road they were warned not to take countless times.

It’s that moment when you need to reign yourself in. When you see that woman laying down the path of circumstances, run the other way. Those cards that make the pathway have already been played, and if the same ones are being used again, they most definitely didn’t work the first time. Why risk falling down the same whirlpool that spit you out unceremoniously?

Has it ever occurred to you that history evolves? It is not just one period of time. It’s not a groove in a tree or crack in a rock that stays the same even centuries later. History is what happened a million years ago, it is the conversation that took place 7 months ago, the event you lived through three days ago. History is the Slurpee you had after lunch today. That piece of gum that you are chewing, a part of it is history already.

It’s like a click of the mouse, every second that passes is filed away into this folder that just never fills up and never needs replacing. It contains your deepest secrets and their deepest secrets and the accumulated sins and goodwill of a million different people from a million different eras. It is a scary place and a beautiful one. But there is always a feeling of dread when you see it. Either because you’re afraid that time will revisit you or because you think it never will.

6 Replies to “The Families – An Excerpt”

  1. And you summed it all up in the last line.
    And we do close our eyes.
    That’s a strong and potent piece of writing. It stands out, and speaks for itself.
    You nailed it.

  2. I love the last sentence. It’s the kind of sentence that you have to go back and read over and over again because it’s just so good. Good job and good luck with Camp Nanowrimo!

    – Autore

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