The Novel Writing Experience. Part 2.

Boy Trouble and Other Stuff

  • Saad needs a voice too. He wants to speak. Desperately. He wants to share his side of the story. He wants to explain why… Oh no… No spoilers in this post.
  • My story needs a kick-ass police officer. The kind who isn’t afraid to impart justice, and who looks incredibly amazing with a gun. Or maybe just some random hot guy in a uniform.
  • Wait, my story already has two hot guys.
  • Do I need to put in a geeky guy? Someone who is just as messed up as the two hot guys.
  • Decided. Saad gets bonus chapters. Maybe that will stop his sulking and occasional screaming in my head.
  • But yeah, other than that, single POV. Yay Hareem.
  • I need  to read a lot. History, psychology, cute angsty romance. Something with puppies and evil warlords. And maybe a little bit about technology and mind control devices.
  • Research is hard work.
  • No. of articles read: 1
  • No. of articles left to read: 5
  • Search out more articles. By the time I’m done with this book, I’ll have seen every nook and cranny of the internet.
  • Re-read relevant parts of Pakistan: A Hard Country
  • Camp starts tomorrow! Let the crazy writing begin!

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