The Novel Writing Experience. Part 1.

I’ve mentioned the fact that I’m working on a novel a couple of times in my posts. And because I’m having so much fun planning, I decided to note down my adventures.

I was on the bus one day, commuting from college to the place that I call home, when the plot for my book hit me right on my head. I looked all sides to see who had thrown it my way but everyone around me was quiet, albeit looking at me weirdly because I had literally jumped out of my seat when the idea attacked me.

It was that day and now. I’m stuck in a limbo, I have no idea what to do. All I can do is write, but I’m so lazy.

  • I have a plot. Bare beginnings of it at least.
  • I have a name for my novel. (“The Families”)
  • I have some good characters and I have given hem full freedom to drag me wherever they want me to.

That’s all I have. Now for the questions.

  • Do I use a single POV or multiple? Alternating between Hareem and Saad, and maybe an occasional chapter with the voices of other characters ala Jodi Picoult style.
  • Should I start off with the problem or gradually build up to it?
  • Poems or song titles/lyrics for chapter names?
  • A prologue?
  • An epilogue?

Hmm… And I’m really happy with the way my character board has turned out.



Help me out?


15 Replies to “The Novel Writing Experience. Part 1.”

  1. I’m not sure about you but when I feel extremely lazy, instead of thinking about the ‘How?’ I just ‘Do it’. Once you start writing, I find, it just flows out. But before you use all your ideas you should stop for a later session.

  2. Aha, I organise my characters in Scrivener the exact some way! There are a few people who can really help you with your questions – your characters. I’ve learned that they can be your honest critics at the beginning of writing. If the writing isn’t smooth and is being painful, that’s the characters banging pots above your head, telling you to try something else because the current method isn’t working (that has happened to me many times). I think writing fast and hard during Camp will do wonders for your uncertainties – all the best!

  3. Well that is great that you have an idea. My suggestion is to start with the outline. Write it like story and then eventually start expanding the paragraphs with dislogures as more ideas will cone once you have sketches and outlines written down. Characters will tell you more about themselves as they grow along.

  4. I like the character board.I’d say that if you’ve some idea about what you want to write in each chapter,even if it’s flimsy try to make an outline about how you want it to be and what your characters would do.Visualise,then write.Once you’ve an idea even if it’s incomplete that would help in building the characters whose reactions or the lack of it make the plot.Believe me,they’ll advise and soon you’ll see that you are exceeding word count.All the best. :).


    Okay. Anyways, i started working on my novel from June 5 but the problem is i can’t stop planning. I know i need to start writing but i just plan and plan and plan and then make paper balls and then plan some more. I even have a title for my novel, ‘The Girl With Green Toenails.’

    btw. Two years ago, i started writing a novel for NaNoWrimo. The competition which is held in November, right? 50,000 words waali. And i was done till 20,000 words but then i got bored and left it.


    1. November is such a bad writing month for me. But dude, you left after finishing 20k words?? Complete it!

      The Girl With Green Toenails is such an interesting title! Work on it. Tell you what, randomly start writing a middle chapter. Build it from there.

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