9 Replies to “All Those Books – The Series”

  1. I could put L.J.Smith’s book series in the hated list, too. I have all of them…and they suck.
    Twilight, I read it like in grade 7, and I liked it back then, not to mention that it seems hilarious now.
    Song of Ice and fire is the very best. Not one of my favourites, though. And Delirium was fine…I have it in paperback. I liked it…
    I haven’t read the rest.
    *Sharminda frown*

  2. An impressive list … and a cool graphic! I’ve read Hunger Games, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and making my way thru Song of Fire and Ice (slowly since not finished yet!) Great ideas here, thx!

  3. I read the first Nikki Heat book because I loved Castle… fun for the inside jokes, but as a story it was pretty lacking. I’ve not felt any inclination to read the others.

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