The Dare

What do you get when you put two writers together in one Google Doc? This:

(A collaboration piece with Khaula Nazir)


And she knew things would get better soon. Hope was always there, lingering above and below in her nerves, shouting out to the impregnable soul, as if asking it to never give up.

Her pleas went unheard. There was a constant echo all around but nothing loud enough to reach the ears of that one person. She thought this was the end. She didn’t know any better.


But then, his eyes, they were way too bewitching. She couldn’t get her mind to focus on anything but them.

Because she had seen it. The divine light originating from within the pupils…and she knew…he was hers.

And then she heard him. “I dare you to move.”


But she was grounded, couldn’t step forward or backwards. He had given her a chance and she was letting it go. Not because she didn’t want to take it. But because she couldn’t.

Because, her mother had already chosen the man with the good fortune for her. Because, she had already been sold to the wealthy..To the highest bidder. It had been an auction. She had lost the right to herself.

It had already been done. Her future had already been moulded according to the plans of her Mother. And her inefficacious cries had all been in vain.


She felt herself disintegrating. His eyes bore into her.

He repeated, “I dare you to move.”

She broke down then, her body shuddering with sobs. That cracked him.

But there was nothing he could do, could he?

He turned and left. She stared at his back till he disappeared down the pathway. The same pathway that she had stared at for days, hoping he would come.


She had loved and lost. All because she couldn’t move.

And it felt like it was becoming difficult to breathe, like it was getting harder to inhale, like her asthmatic self was coming back to life.

And her lungs started to inflate as she struggled to the ground. Her windpipe seemed to decrease in diameter and differences came back to life again.

And death, death was sweet, smelling of blackened depths and atrocious betrayal.

She lay on the greenest patch, one hand resting atop her waist, the other pointing towards where the sun was setting.

Her soul had taken his dare. It had moved to another plane. Forever.

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