Submit to RR? We’re Getting a Make-Over!

Reality Romanticized (literary magazine) will be entering its third year this summer! We’re revamping the magazine and are ready to bring more awesomeness than ever before!

General Guidelines:

All submissions should be sent to:

Submissions should be sent in the body of the email (except images).

We request a brief cover letter with all submissions. This should include your name as you wish it to appear, contact information including email, and a brief bio including previous publications.Give us fun facts about yourself. We want to know your quirks. Tell us who you love to read. A photograph would be appreciated too.


We’d love to go through 3 of your finest poems. Free verse is king, but we give formal poetry a chance too. Give us imagery that is haunting. Write to us about love and hate and long walks and buzzing rooms. We’re looking for surprises, poems that have jumping up and down for sheer joy or tearing out our hair at the immense grief.


Mixed up forms are what we love —don’t be afraid to throw in some genre. We dig the literary stuff too, don’t let our sci-fi stories fool you. Throw your crazy murderers, demure heroines, solitary spaces at us. We ain’t afraid of magic either. We will consider up to 5000 words if you manage to knock our socks off, but our comfort zone is right around 3,000 or fewer.

Creative Nonfiction

Satire, humor, downright gripping; we love character sketches, memoirs, journal entries, letters, and flash nonfiction.


Abstract, portraits, scribbles, doodles. Send us your most daring work.

We will consider artwork based on web ready .jpgs

Please, no watermarks over the images. We like images, not links to a portfolio.

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