This –

is a sad day,

said the analyst –


that rockets have razed

reality to rubble

in a few seconds.


It is sad.


Because we

are fools, we

don’t deserve

our heritage.


We are not worthy

of history

of sacrifices and

the blood that makes

the soil beneath our feet



We, who only take

never give –

even to ourselves.

We with our mistaken

sense of what

is our right, our due.


We are nothing more

than fools.

One Reply to “Ziarat”

  1. 😦 I was sad when I heard this. And I am truly very…um…I don’t know what.
    Just that I feel bad.
    Quaid was and still is an ideal, but now what they did…just for them to know, even if they blast his grave, they’ll never be able to remove him from my mind, or from our mind.
    😦 Unfortunate people.

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