Secret For A Song by S. K. Falls


Secret For a Song

S. K. Falls

Rating: 4 stars

To be honest, I picked up this book with absolutely no expectations. Yes, there were some good reviews on Goodreads but I was still a bit unsure of what kind of a read it would.

This lack of expectations is what made me enjoy this book even more. It was a different story, unlike any that I have read before. The protagonist, a girl named Saylor Grayson (pretty name) has something called Munchausen Syndrome. Now I had never heard of this term before, so here’s another plus for the story, I love books that tell me something I don’t know about. Munchausen Syndrome is a factitious disorder that has people feigning illness in order to draw attention or sympathy from others.

Saylor deliberately makes herself sick. But then a turn of events has her joining a group of terminally ill youths and she is mistaken to have a disease much, much more serious than Munchausen.

Secret For a Song is a story about love and friendship and the feeling of belonging somewhere. It had me cringing in places. It had me crying. It had me smiling. The writing style was beautiful, the pacing was great, and the best part, the story was believable.

I would definitely recommend this.

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