The Bookstore Dream

There’s a ladder in my dream,

propped up against shelves

with tiny wheels,

to take it past more.

And those shelves

won’t be just for me,

but everyone who shares my love.


I hope to run a bookstore one day. A comfortable, homely place, with floor cushions and coffee and notepads and pens. And so many books that it would be like a dream come true for book lovers. You would want to run around, checking out one book, then another. Sniffing the pages and opening them up to read a paragraph or stanza.

There’ll be a section for book-club meetings, and free cookies (as long as you promise to wash your hands before touching the books).

There’ll be reams of paper and lots of different colored pens for when you need to jot down a few thoughts while you go through a title, or maybe if you want to make a wish-list for books you wish to be added to the store.

There’ll be people to talk to, a wall to write and doodle on, and lots and lots of books for all.

I hope to see you all there when it’s ready and up and running!


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