Girl of Nightmares

12507214Girl of Nightmares

Kendare Blake

Rating: 5 stars

It’s over? So soon? Already? Nooooo! I want more Anna! I want more Anna and Cas!

No? Okay. =(

Anyways, I ate this book up yesterday and oh-my-bloody-heart-and-soul, what an amazing treat it was. Tormenting, exciting and downright adrenaline pumping. I could almost feel as if I was a part of everything that was happening to Cas and Anna.  Also, the surprises at the end were so good.

It could have been a teensy bit shorter, the pace a bit faster but I’m willing to look over that because the plot was as good as of Anna Dressed In Blood. A sequel that actually was at par with the first book, you don’t get that too often.

Read these books if you haven’t! Dead girl stories don’t get any better than this. I’ll be re-reading this soon.


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