Anna Dressed In Blood


Anna Dressed In Blood

Kendare Blake

Rating: 5 stars

Anyone who really knows me, would know about my obsession with blood and dead girls. So it was no surprise that I would want to read this book as soon as I saw it. (And the cover, oh, the cover!) Whether I’d like it or not was an entirely different story. I’ll have you know, that I absolutely love Lenore. Poe’s Lenore and Dirge’s Lenore. But there are countless other books with dead girls that I can’t even care to remember them, they were that bad.

The thing with horror books is that they can be as scary as you want them to be. When watching a movie, you get a package deal of horrific images that may scare or be just meh, depending on your own spook-o-meter. But books give you the liberty of imagining those scary ghosts and creatures in any way you want to, providing just the base. My imagination is crazy. Parts of this book had me freaking out and seeing shadows around my room. The fact that I read in absolute darkness (on my Kindle) may have contributed to my fears.

To be honest, in hindsight, this book isn’t all that scary. It’s about a young guy who kills ghost who are out wreaking havoc and murdering people. And then he comes across Anna, who is the most vindictive, bloodiest ghost he has ever faced. Saying more would be giving out spoilers.

But I have to say, after Lish McBride’s Necromancer books, this is the only one that kept me up all night to finish it. I’ll be reading the sequel soon.


15 Replies to “Anna Dressed In Blood”

      1. Okay….! That sounds impressive.
        I have something like a 70 books limit…and I read 60. The remaining 10 see me wandering on the first ten pages, and some frowns.

  1. I’m definitely going to try this book soon 🙂 It’s sad how I can never find most of the paperbacks I want and have to resort to ebooks 😦
    PS, I don’t have a book limit B) I usually limit myself since I have tons of books waiting to be read.

    1. I hope you find a hard copy. E-books are not as much fun.
      My limit is on buying, I’m free to read as many as I want.

      P.s. You’re in Brain Dead too right, if I’m not wrong?

      1. I can’t find most hard copies for YA books 😦 I’ll have the limit when I start uni in August. I’ve kind of dared myself to finish all the books at home.
        Yeah I am.

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