Greek Mythology 101 – The Creation Myth

When there was nothing, there was Chaos.

And thus came about the advent of the universe. Once upon a time, so very very long ago, there used to be nothing but primodial water. It was black, there was no life at all.

Then Chaos gave birth to Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky). Okay, so technically Gaia and Uranus were siblings, but then they laid the ground for insect and well, the future gods took their lead.

Uranus and Gaia gave birth to a race of gods known as the Titans. Then Uranus was told about a prophesy that one of his children would be the cause of his downfall. So he planned on something really nasty. Now Gaia was pregnant again, and that scared Uranus so what he did was, he hugged her really tightly so that she won’t be able to deliver the new babies. Obviously, this caused Gaia severe physical pain and she somehow got her already existing children to rally against their father.

Cronos, the bravest, wielded his mighty sword and castrated Uranus, who was instantly separated from Gaia and this is how the Earth and Sky became two separate entities.

It is said, that when Uranus was castrated, a few creatures were born. His, umm, parts landed into the sea, which caused white foam to form, from which emerged the beautiful goddess of love and sex, Aphrodite. And from the blood, Giants and the Furies were born.


Moving forward, after the Titans came the Olympians, the most famous lineage of gods. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Zeus and Hera. Well, there was a lot of incest that went on amongst all the siblings and a lot of one night stands among gods and mortals and nymphs too.


The chart below might help.

I’ll be back with stories about the Olympians later! Ciao!

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  2. I tried my blog on it, but I didn’t have pictures and consequently the layout looked like a bald-headed theme, which was not impressive. It’s great how you put it up…

  3. My brother was hooked onto Greek mythology only because he found the name Uranus funny 😛 I never understood what was the Greek obsession with…. body parts.

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