Because French.



Reading French literature. Eating French appetizer. Made Bruschetta again today. I first saw this in the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ and since I’m a sucker for quick and easy food, decided to make it.




French bread – cut in 1 inch slices

Tomatoes – de-seeded and chopped

Basil (Or mint)

Olive oil



Garlic (for bread)


Heat olive oil in a pan and throw in a few cloves of garlic. Cook until the oil has taken in the garlic juice. Then remove the cloves.

Toast the bread slices in this oil till lightly crisp.

Mix the tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil. Toss it till well incorporated.

Pile the mixture onto the bread.


Voila! Bruschetta is ready. It’s a great summer snack since the tomatoes and mint have a really refreshing taste.

Back to reading Manon Lescaut.


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