Mythology and A Million Stories

This semester (last semester?) I took a course titled Mythology and Folklore.

Two reasons why I opted for it:

1) Mythology. Hello.

2) The teacher doesn’t make you do her household chores for an A grade.

Anyhow, the course was divided into three parts.

1) Greek/Roman Mythology

2) Egyptian Mythology

3) Indian Mythology

Now whats great about all these is that there may be names that are impossible to pronounce, the stories are absolutely craaaaaazy. As in, head-stand-in-the-tub-while-reading-inferno-crazy.

So in the next few posts I’m going to be sharing my rudimentary knowledge of mythology with you guys. Tomorrow, though. Big dinner party at my place tonight and I’m cooking ^^


7 thoughts on “Mythology and A Million Stories”

  1. I’m more impressed with the fact that you can cook. All I can do is make a mean cup of Maggi 😛
    I read up about mythology. Greek/Roman mythology sounded like an Indian drama and Egyptian wasn’t very interesting and Indian was just bleh (No offence to any Indians). I really enjoyed reading about Norse Mythology

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