Books, Poetry

Books. Lots and Lots of Books.

2008-03-20 04.00.03


2008-03-20 04.04.54

2008-03-20 04.04.30

2008-03-20 04.02.07


2008-03-20 04.01.29


2008-03-20 04.05.43


2008-03-20 04.06.29

2008-03-20 04.00.29


2008-03-20 04.06.49


2008-02-21 05.52.102008-03-20 04.07.38


3 thoughts on “Books. Lots and Lots of Books.”

  1. Jesus that’s an impressive collection. HOW DO YOU HAVE THE SHELF SPACE FOR ALL OF THEM? (I’m reduced to locking away my books in massive plastic bags to save them from the dust. And so that other people don’t get their grubby little mitts on them.)

    1. Thanks! Sadly, these have covered all the space I have. All my other books are either in drawers or in piles near my bed.

      In plastic bags?? Books need to breathe!

      1. You underestimate the amount of dust in my area here. Several houses under construction. I would rather they stay clean than breathe. I do take them out frequently. To hug them. And whisper sweet nothing to them. And stroke them, fondly. (not lasciviously, OBVIOUSLY)

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