I Want To Give Up

I’m pushing at shadows,

sending them colliding into the

twisted reality of all that your

dreams stand for.

The shadows are you,

imprints of your voice, your words,

your thousand reasons for

not giving up.

I want to give up.

I want to be able to break down,

my hands groping at the grass

that’s rooted firmly into the soil

of your homeland.

It used to be my homeland too

But I gave up on it.

Because I saw through your shadows.

I saw through the haze of your patriotism.

I saw the reality through the distorted

light from the broken prism.

I saw the monsters that you hide

behind your unfaltering optimism.

But they are stronger than your faith,

your shadows.

They are breaking down the walls.

You fail to see what they are.

But you will, and when you do,

it will be too late.

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