Because The Collage Album Wasn’t Enough

(It’s my best friend Hiba’s birthday today and since she’s in Islamabad at the moment, I can’t possibly pop up at her place and give her a surprise, and eat the Kitchen Cuisine chocolate cheese cake as per tradition. And so I come back to this corner with my laptop and write a public declaration of my love for her).

So first of, lets start with a birthday hug:

I don’t have blue hair, or a blue pet for that matter, but it’s the sentiment that counts.

Next up: Birthday Cake!!

This is my slice btw.

And baloons:

And presents!:

Quick! Unwrap them or they’ll walk away!

I wish you love:

*sniff sniff*

I wish you joy:

And bunnies and polar bears.

I wish you diamonds in the sky:

And diamonds in rings and earrings too. (hint hint Uzair bhai =P)


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