Not Just A Book Blog

That’s it! No more procrastinating! I’ve been so mean to this new blog of mine, I deserve a big, bad scolding.

There’s a reason as to why I haven’t been posting. And that reason is that I don’t like writing about books. Reading them is what I love, give me as many as you want and I’ll probably finish them all a lot sooner than you would expect me too. But writing about them is something I’m just not good at.

And so, this blog is no longer just a book blog anymore. As it turns out, as soon as I closed down my other blog, I stopped writing poetry too. Maybe if I start posting poetry here too, it would give me incentive to write. Maybe?

It has been a dull couple of months, I hope the rest of 2012 would prove to be a little more rewarding in terms of creativity.


3 thoughts on “Not Just A Book Blog”

  1. At least you’re honest! Cool post.

    As an author, I know how hard it is to keep up a blog as well as do everything else. In fact, I often blog about it! You might enjoy some of my posts . . .

    What sort of fiction do you like reading?


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